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Wren Gotts Walks the Red Carpet

When Wren did a YouTube video speaking Anishinaabemowin, the Sarah Finn Casting Company saw it and contacted her to invite her to audition for a role.

According to Forest Rebecca Gotts, Wren’s mom, “Marvel Studios keeps things tight-lipped so Wren didn’t know what it was for. We were hoping it was the Echo project, because being in the Marvel Comics Universe and working on a project with a Native American lead with superpowers is literally the coolest project we can think of!! Wren booked the part and began her acting career at age eight.”

It was Echo, and the show premiered simultaneously on Disney+ and Hulu on January 9th. Wren joined the cast on the red carpet to celebrate the launch, and shared some of her experiences. She said that she loved learning her lines in sign language with Doug Ridloff, and making friends with Darnell Besaw, Zahn McClarnon and Tantoo Cardinal. She thinks RezDogs star Zahn is a funny guy and she even got the privilege of being jokingly called a “Sh*ta**” by him on set. “If you have seen Reservation Dogs, Zahn uses this saying a lot!”

“Sydney Freeland, the director of Echo, is Navajo and she is very kind and gave us all good directions on what to do and what she wanted to happen in every scene. I will remember this experience forever. I’m so grateful for my Tribe and want to be a good representative. I want to continue to learn my language and culture. I’m proud to be a member of the Sokaogon Chippewa Community. Our Tribe is awesome with so many good people making the world better…there are so many good harvesters, teachers and storytellers! I wish I lived closer, but being included at powwows and learning how to hunt and gather at youth camps is so much fun and I always look forward to visiting my cousins,” Wren said.

“I really realized I like acting, and now I’m represented by the Osbrink Agency in Burbank, CA to work onscreen for film and TV. I hope to share my upcoming projects with my community when I can, and thank you to everyone who sent good vibes my way!”

For more information on her upcoming projects, visit Wren’s Instagram page.

Menominee’s very own Alaqua Cox stars as a Native American superhero in Echo. Learn more about Alaqua’s journey here.