Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Welcome Dagwaagin

Good Morning,

We hope you are doing well today as we welcome the first day of Dagwaagin (Fall).

The Four Seasons of the Ojibwe, from Lessons of Our Land, says, “Long ago, life for the Ojibwe would follow the circle of seasons. There was a pattern in their movements which could be plotted on a map.

Ojibwe people moved from place to place with a purpose and moved in a way that could be predicted. Everything was done in the proper place and at the proper season within the circle.

In early fall, families would travel by canoe to rice lakes and marshes and worked together to harvest wild rice. There were late chokecherries and early cranberries to pick, dry and store away. The men spent a great deal of time hunting. Fall was the season to shoot ducks and geese. As much food as possible needed to be gathered and stored away for the long winter. The men began to prepare for the trapping of fur bearing animals. The women set out nets to bring in a winter supply of fish.”

We hope you have a great day and terrific weekend!