Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

We Welcome the Namebini-Giizis (Sucker Moon)

Good Morning,


We hope you are doing well and enjoying the warmer temperatures this week.


Next Wednesday, we will welcome the Namebini-Giizis (Sucker Moon).


The sucker is the symbol for the month of February, and it is said that the sucker gave up its life for the Ojibwe in this month.


Watch Michael Lyons’ newest video February is the Suckerfish Moon – Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo on YouTube


Michael Lyons is the author and illustrator of a number of children’s books, comic strips, comic books, and even a coloring book written in the Ojibwe language.


He is an Anishinaabe cartoonist from the Leech Lake Indian reservation in northern Minnesota. In the early to mid 1990’s, Lyons created two college comic strips,”Coffeehouse-Five” and “Prairie Rose”. He has also written and illustrated underground comic books including: “Gray Alien Meditation” and “Rockstar Cartoonist: A Comic Book Autobiography”.


His first children’s book Little Cutie: A Teddy Bear’s Vision Quest is about a ragged red and white teddy bear who goes on a “vision quest” to find out who he is and where he belongs. Along the way, Little Cutie gets advice from a number of woodland animals (all with Ojibwe names) about life, living with humans, and how to find the Great Spirit.