Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Volunteers Making a Difference – Ryan Quade

Ryan Quade, a Tribal Member, student at Brigham Young University and passionate writer, has been volunteering to write grants for the SCC Health Clinic.
Through his efforts, the Clinic has been awarded the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council “Saving Lives” grant. The grant’s purpose is to:
  • Provide training and increase Tribal public health workforce
  • Improve Tribal public data and information systems
  • Increase Tribal public health programs and services

As a young teenager, Ryan started an interfaith volunteer service group that was very active:

  • Cleaned yards and highways
  • Uplifted homebound elderly through singing, dancing and crafts
  • Worked at food banks, and more.

He believes that volunteering helps people make a meaningful difference in the world. His school’s moto is “Enter to Learn; Go Forth to Serve”. Ryan says this embodies his belief on why we are here on this Earth.


Initially, Ryan wanted to be a journalist, but then found a love for numbers and accounting. He is a junior and enrolled in the accounting program. He is grateful for the opportunity of combining his passion for writing with his analytical skills to successfully obtain grants that have a positive influence on Tribal Members lives.

Chi Miigwech Ryan!