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Tribe Contributes to High School’s New Scoreboard

By Ben Meyer, Managing Editor / Senior Reporter, WJFW News Watch 12
Josh Jaeger went to Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers games and thought, “We should have something like that.”

Jaeger is an assistant principal at Crandon middle and high schools.

On Monday, his vision was nearly a reality. Workers were finishing a large new videoboard in the Crandon gym.

The board will display videos, statistics, and ads during Crandon sports and other events in the gym.

“To start this a year ago, and then, a year later, put a giant videoboard on the wall is an undertaking,” Jaeger said. “I always said, I want to make our gym an experience.”

The board cost more than $100,000.

“Most people got scared away by the initial price tag. I just viewed it as a hurdle I had to get over,” Jaeger said.