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Tina VanZile Elected President of WTCAC

Tina VanZile was recently elected as President of the Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council (WTCAC).
Established in 2001, WTCAC is an association that provides a forum for the 11 Native American Tribes in Wisconsin to identify and solve natural resource issues on Tribal lands, and gives a voice to the Tribes on important conservation issues at the state and national levels.
Tina has served on the Council as the Sokaogon-Mole Lake representative since 2001.
“WTCAC has great people who serve as Tribal representatives, and when I was deciding to accept the nomination for President, they stepped up and said they would help me as I enter this new role. We have worked together as a team for quite some time and it will be an honor to serve as their President,” Tina said.
“In the last year, WTCAC has grown quite a bit with new staff positions, and I will ensure we always incorporate our cultural ways into our everyday decision making. I’ve been taught to not lose sight of our cultural beliefs and ways because that will guide me to the right decisions.”
Tina’s term as President will be for two years.
“During this pandemic, we have a virtual meeting every month. At our board meetings, state, federal and national agencies give WTCAC updates on what is coming that may affect Tribes. Sometimes its good news and sometimes not, but we’ve built a relationship with these agencies over the years and this forum allows for good dialogue.”
Learn more about the WTCAC here.
Congratulations Tina!