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Northern Lightning Training Exercises Happening This Week

Approximately 50 aircraft and nearly 1,000 military personnel have gathered at Volk Field in Camp Douglas for the annual Northern Lightning Counterland training exercise happening August 10-21.
Northern Lightning is a tactical level, joint training exercise replicating today’s air battlespace with current and future weapons platforms. A variety of the world’s most advanced aircraft including fifth-generation aircraft like the F-35 will participate in the exercise. Personnel from the National Guard, Air Force, Army, and Navy are part of the training.
“We are excited to continue conducting our annual Northern Lightning exercise at Volk Field,” said Col. Bart Van Roo, the exercise director. “This exercise will focus on offensive counter-air with simulated surface-to-air attacks and the integration of multiple air platforms. Training in this manner is essential for readiness and enhancing partnerships.”
The general public can expect to see an increase in aircraft activity in and around the Camp Douglas area and in the skies over Central Wisconsin August 10-21.
”This exercise will include potential supersonic travel, within FAA and military guidelines, so people in the military operating area, a 55 by 200-mile space, may hear sonic booms between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm during weekdays,” Van Roo said. “We appreciate everyone’s patience as it is a necessary part of preparation for actual combat.”