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Mole Lake Fisheries and Lake Association Fight to Save Walleye

Story and photo by Michael Lodholz, WJFW Channel 12

Wisconsin is often associated with the love of nature and calm lakes. But under the surface some of the aquatic life has been struggling.

Walleye and Perch are the fish of choice for northern Wisconsin lakes and sometimes they need a little help when other species threaten their habitat.

Up here on Lake Metonga, near Crandon and Mole Lake, the Mole Lake Fisheries has hauled out in the last year over 15,000 of these bullhead fish.

Mole Lake Fisheries technician Clint Soulier works with summer netters to shock and then remove the stunned fish.

“It looks like it’s harmful but it’s really not. It’s a proven method that all fishery managers use. So, it works really well for bullheads,” said Soulier.

This is a pioneering effort by the Mole Lake Fisheries along with help from the locals.

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