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Mining Company Won’t Pursue Further Exploration at Site Near Wolf River

Badger Minerals won’t pursue further sulfide mining exploration at a site in eastern Oneida County, the company told WXPR. The site is near the Wolf River.
In June, the company drilled six holes at the site in the town of Schoepke, a first step to determining whether the area could be a good place for a sulfide mine. Profitable sulfide minerals include gold, silver, lead, zinc, and copper. Badger Minerals had the option to buy the land from a private landowner if the results looked promising.

The landscape near some of the exploratory drilling sites. Stockley Creek, which flows into the Wolf River, is in the foreground. Pelican Lake is in the background. Photo credit Dan Dumas, Kim Swisher Communications, LLC.

But Badger Minerals geologist Eric Quigley told WXPR the results of the drilling program “were not considered significant enough to justify the purchase.”
In making the determination, Badger Minerals sent drill cores from hundreds of feet below the earth to be reviewed by geologists. Some sections were likely lab-analyzed to determine geochemistry and metal content.
View the September 28th story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which ran prior to the announcement by Badger Minerals yesterday.