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Mending Broken Hearts Successfully Completes First Workshop

By Marisa Van Zile, Peer Support Specialist and Facilitator


The first Mending Broken Hearts Healing Unresolved Grief workshop was completed last Friday. MaryLynn Damp, Dancia McGeshick and Melissa Van Zile successfully completed the program.


The purpose of the workshop is to offer culturally based ways of healing from unresolved grief and inter-generational trauma, especially for Native people.


From Left: Marisa Van Zile, MaryLynn Damp and Dancia McGeshick. Not pictured is Melissa Van Zile.


Dancia spoke of her experience, sharing, “I participated just to learn. I like knowing who we are as a people, and why we are the way we are today. Knowledge is power but so is understanding. I was also happy to gain new relationships with the other participants. I’d definitely recommend this workshop. I feel that there is a lot to be learned and I pray we get to receive that knowledge before it fades.”


MaryLynn said, “The name of the workshop instantly got my attention and was sold by the gas cards and refreshments. I’m glad to have gained the tools to work passed any unresolved grief. I have already told plenty of people about the workshop and have a few interested to attend to the next one. I know people who have their own personal problems and this workshop can be helpful to everyone.”


Melissa shared, “I participated to gain a better understanding about unresolved grief and to learn how intergenerational trauma can affect people in their lives. It was an opportunity to learn about healing that draws its teachings based on root causes rather than symptoms, and because it is based on healing through indigenous teachings and ways of healing. I was happy to gain knowledge and a greater appreciation of each person’s individual life experience and how this impacts lives. It was a meaningful and profound experience for me, and it was powerful emotionally and spiritually.”


She added, “I would recommend this workshop to others because this is a way to understand grief, loss and trauma, and understanding and acknowledgment is a key component in beginning the process of healing.”


Congratulations to MaryLynn, Dancia and Melissa on your achievements!


For more information on upcoming workshops, please contact me at (715) 622-0328.