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Keegan McGeshick Scores Big This Year

Keegan McGeshick, age 7, is a racer.

Since the end of the racing season last year, he’s been riding a KTM SO mini dirt bike. In this first full season, Keegan has been traveling to races in Wisconsin and Michigan, and has had approximately 20 podium finishes this year. He took 1st place in the Southern Cup and Battle of Wisconsin races!

Keegan is currently ranked 2nd in Wisconsin for points. In November, he will be recognized for his achievement and presented a plaque at the 2022 AMA District 16 Annual Conference and Awards Banquet in Wisconsin Dells.


His parents, Jake McGeshick and Jeni Renkas, and sisters, Katrina and Kayleeana, travel with Keegan, supporting and cheering him on at each race.

Keegan shared with Wendy Smith, his grandmother, that he has a couple of favorite tracks, but Sugar Maple in Hill Point is his all-time favorite.

Keegan and Jeni would like to thank the Sokaogon Chippewa Community for their support. Jeni also shared that without family and friends, Keegan’s racing wouldn’t be possible. She thanks everyone for the help they have received along the way.

Congratulations Keegan!