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History of the Healing Circle Run/Walk

In 1989, the Anishinaabe Solidarity Relay began as a response to the resounding racism and hatred directed towards Ojibwe people

Image from GLIFWC’s Mazina’igan Supplement, Summer 2014

throughout the region at boat landings and other communal spaces. The animosity that spilled into communities, schools, and even churches, created great hardship for Ojibwe communities and their harvesters.

Today, the Healing Circle Run/Walk continues to connect Ojibwe communities across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, and through collective running, walking and prayer, provides healing and relief. The annual event also serves as a reminder to both participants and observers of the commitment, efforts and resiliency of the Tribal nations that have survived decades of trauma.

Learn more about the long history and the dedication that began the Healing Circle Run/Walk here. View GLIFWC’s Every Step: A Healing Circle video here.

If you would like to participate, please contact Carmen McGeshick at 715-622-0133.

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