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Help the Wethington Family

The caring staff at the SCC Health Clinic have started a fundraiser for their former co-worker John Wethington, who is battling stage 4 kidney cancer. John is 46 years old, and is now spending his remaining time with his two children Adam and Alex, and his wife Kristi.

Unfortunately, the bills don’t stop. We know that John and his family would greatly appreciate your help and support. Kristi was working from home as much as she could to keep her income steady to support her kids and husband. She has now taken off work, as she wants to spend time with and care for John as much as she can.

We need your help to take a bit of weight off their shoulders. John is one to never ask for help, but rather help others when he can. Let’s help make his remaining time as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

Any funds received will be given to John and his wife Kristi to cover the costs of medical bills, food and supplies.

Donate today on the GoFundMe page.