Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Grants Department Update

By Melanie Simpson, Grant Writer

The Sokaogon Chippewa Community has received a Native American Tourism of Wisconsin (NATOW) grant in the amount of $5,500. This grant was awarded to help support the 2023 Mole Lake Veterans Golf Tournament, the 2023 Strawberry Moon Pow Wow, and the 2023 Manoomin Pow Wow.

NATOW’s mission is to promote tribal tourism to the 11 Federally recognized tribes throughout Wisconsin. The purpose of providing these grants is to bring Wisconsin Native Americans, tourists, family and friends together to highlight the beauty and cultural diversity of Wisconsin tribes and reservations. By bringing this tourism in, it helps boost the local economy and generates revenue to fund essential services to the community.

The Mole Lake Veterans Golf Tournament was a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between other Wisconsin Tribal and County Veterans Programs. The Veterans were able to participate in a stress relieving activity and were given resources to free information related to Veteran services. It was an honor to show appreciation to all of the Veterans and to remind them how valued they are as community members.

With the help of this grant, we were able to promote and fund the Strawberry Moon Pow Wow and the Manoomin Pow Wow. Tourists, family and friends were able to experience the Native American culture through traditional cuisine, song and dance while taking in the beautiful scenery of the Mole Lake Reservation.