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In October 2022, Mole Lake Fisheries wrapped up another successful year of stocking walleye into local lakes. Walleye were harvested from the six Tribal rearing ponds at the fish hatchery complex, located on North Mole Lake Road, east of the ball fields. A record 71,000 large fingerling walleye were harvested from the ponds and stocked into 20 lakes in Forest, Florence, Langlade, Marinette and Oconto counties.

It was a great rearing season - the best yet! We were able to raise record numbers of high quality walleye with most walleye in the seven- to nine-inch range. These walleye should survive well because of their large size.

Walleye were raised for approximately five months. Walleye eggs were collected from local lakes in the Spring, and hatched fry were stocked in the ponds for grow out in the Fall. Walleye were fed minnows to achieve the desired large fingerling size.


Stocking occurred in lakes where the walleye populations are struggling and need help; the large size of walleye results in higher survival rates. Stocking is intended to be temporary in each lake to provide a boost to the population until natural reproduction takes over.

The ultimate goal is for walleye populations to be self-sustaining so that stocking is no longer needed. Many of the best walleye lakes in the area, including Pelican, Metonga, Enterprise, Kentuck, North Twin, Lily, Three Lakes and Eagle River chains, and others, need no stocking to maintain strong walleye populations.

Since 2014, the Mole Lake Fisheries has stocked 521,000 large fingerling walleye into 52 different lakes in seven local counties.

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Michael Preul, Director
Mole Lake Fisheries

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