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Every Native Vote Counts!

In December, a Wisconsin judge ordered the Wisconsin Elections Commission to remove the registrations of approximately 234,000 Wisconsin voters who may have moved.

State elections officials sent letters in October. The letter states that there is reason to believe the recipient may have moved. It asks the recipient to update their registrations if they have moved or return a postcard saying they still live at the same address.

But the letter doesn’t say the people could have their voter registrations deactivated. If you received a letter, you may contact your election clerk and let them know you’re still at your current address in order to keep your voter registration current.

If you have moved, you need to update your voter registration. You will need to provide proof of your current residence. You may use items such as a driver’s license, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck stub, lease or property tax bill.

Wisconsin is perhaps the most closely watched state in this year’s presidential election. President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by 22,748 votes in 2016, and both sides will be monitoring the case at a time when the state is yet again split politically.

The Spring Election will be held on Tuesday, April 7th, and the Presidential Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

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