Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Creel Workers Honored for 35 Years of Service

Last Friday, a special dedication dinner was held to honor Frank Olds and Barron Maki for their outstanding 35 years of creel work during the Walleye spearing harvest seasons.

Both Frank and Barron began their creel work in 1984 after waiting at the boat landings. Since then, they have worked hard to make sure everything ran smoothly at the boat landings.

GLIFWC Wardens noted that having the opportunity to work with Frank and Barron made their jobs a lot easier and they greatly appreciated their dedication!

On behalf of GLIFWC, both were presented with a letter of appreciation and recognition for their 35 years of service.

The Tribe presented both men with Pendleton blankets, and the Mole Lake Casino presented them with a gift.

Frank and Barron, Chi Miigwech for your many years of service and dedication!