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Child Safety and Protection Month – Toddlers

It’s Child Safety and Protection Month, and last week we focused on infant safety. This week we turn our attention to the toddlers.

According to the CDC, children ages one through four have the highest rates of accidental poisoning, but some simple steps can avert tragedy:
  • Secure medicines, cleaning supplies, and chemicals either on a high shelf or locked away.
  • Always use childproof caps on both prescription and over-the-counter medicines.
  • Vitamins and minerals such as iron can be hazardous or even fatal to children. Keep them out of reach.
  • If you use a landline, keep the number for Poison Control by the phone. If you have a smartphone, program the number for quick use. Wisconsin Poison Center’s number is 800-222-1222, or you may visit their website at
For other helpful child safety tips, visit the Children’s Bureau website.