Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Charlie Fox Sobriety Feast

By Marisa Van Zile, Peer Support Specialist

On May 26th, I hosted my first Sobriety Feast in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month. The goal was to bring to the community’s attention the need for healing and sobriety.

It was also an opportunity for the everyone to meet the Behavioral Health and Brighter Days staff. We really want people to know what services we offer and what resources are available.

The Feast was named for Charlie Fox, as he hosted monthly Sobriety Feasts when he was an AODA Counselor. Charlie has done so much for our community and this feast was a great way to honor him and his efforts. He valued his community, family and sobriety.

We welcomed 46 people, and it was an inspirational event. Special thanks to the Mole Lake Casino and their staff for providing and serving the food, and to Terry Fox and Roger Labine for sharing stories about Charlie.

The War Cloud Drum group joined us. They have drum practice at the Rec Center every Thursday, and everyone is invited to attend.

Thank you to everyone who participated!