Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Cemetery Committee Updating Map

By Feather Wilkens

I was working on my family tree and looking at the cemetery here in Mole Lake. I noticed that there were many unmarked, unnamed graves so I went looking to see if we had a map or list. I went to see Michael LaRonge, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, and he gave me a map that was very old and unfinished.

Ryan Randall, my cousin, and I have been having conversations about the history and traditions around Mole Lake. He suggested I join the Cultural Committee, and Michael helped start the Cemetery Committee. I also talked with Carla Storm, Elderly Services Director, about a field trip with Elders to the cemetery to help update the map.

We are currently working on the LiDAR mapping that was added, and I’ve been working to piece together old paperwork and maps.

It’s been mostly myself doing the work, but it’s important to me. We need to know our past before we can know our future. I, and anyone who wishes to help, are discovering the history of a forgotten area. I’m trying to uncover the history of not just the cemetery but what we can archive for future generations.

I need your help. Community Members and Elders who are able to offer your time and energy may contact me at (715) 478-3253 or by email.