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Beware of WPS Scams

By WJJQ Northwoods 92.5

Wisconsin Public Service partnered with law enforcement groups to educate customers on scammers.

Over the years, WPS customers have lost thousands of dollars in utility scams. This campaign comes at a time of year when these scams tend to pick up, coinciding with the state’s energy disconnection moratorium in November.

Last week, WPS worked with police and sheriff departments in their Northwoods service area to share warning signs on social media.

Spokesman Matt Cullen says the goal was to flood newsfeeds with important safety information.

WJJQ has frequently reported on the red flags included in the campaign. A few examples include:

Remember that scammers have equipment that changes the name and number appearing on caller ID.

Scammers will use urgency, threatening to shut off power immediately unless a payment is made.

They’ll also demand that payment from non-traditional sources like prepaid debit cards, gift cards, cryptocurrency and third-party apps.

If you are suspicious of a call, hang-up.

Scammers may try to scare you into giving them money by pretending to be from WPS.

Don’t be a victim. If you think a scammer is targeting you, call WPS at 800-450-7260. If you fall victim to a scam, report the theft to your local police.