Major Loan Gets Paid Off

In 2007, the Tribe obtained a 25-year loan for $5,920,900 from Chippewa Valley Bank to upgrade the Casino. The collateral used for the loan was the NMC land.

A year

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Happy Self-Love Month

Being the New Year, many people are thinking about resolutions. While setting goals to improve oneself is great, it’s just as important to take the time to love and appreciate

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Honoring and Remembering Ken VanZile

Ken was a father, grandfather, friend, uncle, and cousin. Ken was a tireless and lifelong defender of the land, the water, his tribe, all tribes, all people, in fact.

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The Fox Ladies Heat It Up!

Last Friday, the Fox Ladies held a cooking class in which they made firebread and chicken wild rice soup.

While it was very cold outside, the Fox Ladies –

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