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Angelina Lyons Honored for Academic Achievements

Nicolet College held their annual Student Awards Ceremony on March 30th. Students, their families and faculty gathered to celebrate academic achievements, and many heartwarming stories were shared.

Anjelina Lyons, SCC Tribal Member, was honored for her accomplishments with the Early Childhood Education program.

In presenting Anjelina with her award, Diana Rickert, Early Childhood Education instructor at Nicolet College, said, “Anjelina, from our first interactions with you, we could sense that you were going to be a student that was committed to getting the most out of their educational journey. That turned out to be very true. You have proven to be goal-driven, responsible, and organized.

“You have worked hard throughout these past two years, never giving up, even with the challenge of learning to use new technology and despite early connectivity issues. You impressed me when you stepped out of your comfort zone to try new practicum locations despite the associated challenges. You took charge of your learning, never hesitating to ask questions, participating in discussions, and relating what you were learning in class to what you were experiencing in the workplace and in practicums.

“This took courage and commitment and you have grown socially, academically, and professionally. We have seen you transform from being hesitant to speak up in class to being comfortable (or at least appearing to be) speaking freely about a subject in class presentations.

“You have been a model to your peers and we know you will also be a model to your future students. While observing you in your practicum sites, I have already seen this in action with your calm, caring, and confident interactions with children.

“We saw this quote recently, and we thought of you – ‘Sometimes it only takes a single teacher to turn a child’s life around.’ Some children will come to school today because of that teacher. You ARE that teacher! Be that teacher, every day. Congratulations Anjelina!”