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Sokaogon Artist Honors Injured Navy Officer

Sokaogon Artist Ackley Honors Injured Navy Officer
Story by Bluebag Media

Greenville native Kenton Stacy continues to recover from injuries sustained while clearing an IED (improvised explosive device) on the second floor of a hospital in Raqqa, Syria.

Friends and family from his hometown continue to offer prayers, support and donate to help Kenton, his wife Lindsey and their four children through YouCaring.

The Early Bird/Bluebag Media Cartoonist Paul Ackley honored Stacy for his service and for being recognized by President Donald Trump during the recent State of the Union.

The Early Bird recently donated the cartoon to Kenton and Lindsey to show they are still in the hearts and on the minds of Darke County residents.

Kenton is now a quadriplegic, blind in his left eye and will need lifelong care.