Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Legendary Titletown Jeepers Donate at Jeep Ride

The annual Veterans Off-Road Jeep Ride Adventure was held this past weekend, and welcomed eight jeeps and 24 adventure seekers. One of the participants traveled from northern Indiana to share the experience! While at the…

Ancestral Women Perform in Washington

On September 29, 2016, we first shared with you the opening of the Ancestral Women weavings exhibit. Alice Ackley Randall from the Sokaogon Chippewa Community is featured in the exhibition. Ancestral Women features…

2019 Wild Rice Season Includes Expanded Agenda

By: Richard D. Ackley, Jr.

The 2019 Wild Rice Harvest meeting held at the Tribal conference room last Tuesday included an aggressive agenda to promote traditional harvest activities this year. Pete McGeshick, III, one of

Sokaogon Youth Create Public Service Announcement

By:  Richard D. Ackley, Jr.

Last Thursday, you may have seen the cameras and 15 Sokaogon youth as they embarked on a new project. The Safe Driving public service announcement is an initiative by the Wisconsin Department

Wiza’s BabyCakes Wins Best Dessert

Ashley Wiza, daughter of Carla Storm and Charlie Van Zile, is the owner of Wiza’s BabyCakes in Plover. Last weekend, Ashley and her daughter Morgan competed at the 15th annual Taste of the Town at…

Tribal Caucus Results