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Ishpaagoonikaa Deep Snow Camp Teaches Youth

Ishpaagoonikaa Deep Snow Camp Teaches Youth
Story by Rachel Vodar

The Second Annual Ishpaagoonikaa Gabeshiwin (Deep Snow Camp) was held this past weekend in Mole Lake. Tribal youth interacted with harvesters and adult mentors in activities such as:

  • Fish Paddle board
  • Gillnetting
  • Spearing through the ice
  • Decoy making
  • Cedar Boards
  • Hook line fishing
  • Tip-ups
  • Jig pole
  • Winter fishing
  • Filleting Fish
  • Ojibwe Language
  • Team building and Leadership

All sessions were hands-on activities that utilized traditional ecological knowledge.

The camp was an opportunity for adults to pass down cultural teaching and traditions to the youth. This is part of their treaty rights, and the mentors taught the youth to not only practice their rights, but also to learn about the treaties so they can continue to pass these ways down the next generation. About 25 youth from different Tribal communities camped at the Sokaogon Youth Center over the weekend.

All meals, with the exception of one, were served at the Mole Lake Cultural Building. Friday night there was storytelling at the Youth Center after campers arrived and ate dinner at the cultural building.

The next morning it was rise and shine for the campers, and they came in for a filling breakfast that would give them the energy to go out on the ice all day at Pelican Lake. There the youth were able to use decoys in a large hole to lure in a musky so they could spear it through the ice. They learned how to jig pole, and use a hook-line and traditional tip-ups and tip-downs. The campers enjoyed a game of traditional lacrosse played on the ice.

Miigwech to all the volunteers, youth, Elders and Tribal Leaders for all your help and teachings over this great weekend!