Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Health Clinic Announces DME Lending Closet

Sokaogon Chippewa Health Clinic is proud to announce the development and implantation of our new Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Lending Closet.

This is open to the SCC Tribal Member Community.

This concept meets a need in the Tribal community for equipment that is only used for a short time by individuals during recovery. Not only does it save on equipment and waste, it saves money.

This has been made possible through a private party donationin line with the Sokaogon Chippewa Health Clinic’s vision of helping those who are in need. A limited inventory of equipment has been placed into the lending closet. When the equipment is no longer needed by the borrower, the equipment will be returned to the Health Clinic to be recycled back into the lending closet for the next person.

Most of the available equipment has been cleaned, relabeled and safety inspected. Each item has been given an inventory number and must be signed out by each person. However, we do request the equipment to be returned in equal or better condition. This will ensure this project can stay in operation and provide accessibility for many who may be unable to obtain equipment through insurance or other means.

Due to the limited availability of equipment, if you know someone or have a specific equipment need yourself, please call and speak to Linda Kortbein, Robert Quade or a medical department team member at 715-478-5180 to see if we can help you.

If you have Durable Medical Equipment you no longer need, please consider donating it to the lending closet. All used equipment must be clean and in excellent working condition.