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The Education Department provides information on higher education for college careers, and hosts the annual Graduation Banquet.


View the 2020 Education Awards and Graduation Ceremony


August 7, 2020 - Reminder for All College Students:

Please fill out the appropriate application for the Fall 2020 Semester:
  • Please use the NEW HEAB form if you have never received a grant from SCC.
  • Use the CONT HEAB form if you have received grant money or a check from SCC.

Note - We can only use the Financial Aid Review Form for one year.
Please email your completed form and the following items if you haven’t already done so:
  1. The Application (part one) filled out each academic year
  2. High School transcripts (or a copy of your high school diploma)
  3. Acceptance letter from your college
  4. Current class schedule (showing the credits for each class)
  5. Last Semester Grades (if applicable)
  6. Financial Aid Review Form (from your college financial aid office - will send this DIRECTLY to you, send me a copy)

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