Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

Devon Evans Graduates Nurturing Healthy Families Program

By Neena Ackley

I wanted to share a story regarding Devon Evans, who has successfully transitioned out of the CST program, also known as The Nurturing Healthy Families Program.

This program uses a “wraparound approach” with families who have children that are involved with Special Ed, Foster Care and other systems of care. I first started working with Devon and his family in April 2016.

His talents and interests include gaming, water skiing, bible quizzing and fishing. His dedication for Bible quizzing took him to Nationals in Springfield, Illinois. During the summer of 2017, he attended a week long Art & Design Camp offered through UW-Stout.

The camp focused on science, technology, engineering and math. This past summer, he worked with one of the summer youth programs with the Tribe and after completion, there was a noticeable difference in his social skills. The summer group planted 1,000 plants and trees!

Devon is the first student that has successfully graduated out of the CST program, and as a team we couldn’t be more proud of he and his family for their dedication and reaching their goals. Just recently, we found out that Devon has been accepted to Stout where his interest is within the Video Game Design program. I am confident that he will be successful in his studies, and wish him the best! Congratulations Devon!