Sokaogon Chippewa Community News

2018 Graduates Enjoy the Education Awards Banquet

By: Yvette McGeshick, Education Director

The Sokaogon Education Department’s Annual Education Awards Banquet was last Thursday, June 14th, and celebrated the great work done this year by all our students.

The afternoon started off with a prayer for the accomplishments by the students and for the food given by Tribal Elder Sandra Rachel. Everyone enjoyed a fantastic meal of pork and gravy with mashed potatoes, and a kids’ favorite, spaghetti.

We were fortunate to receive a few words of honest wisdom from one our high school graduates, Walter Panick, IV. He spoke of the importance of having fun during your high school years, yet at the same time, to make sure you are doing your best to get those good grades because it will make a difference later on when you want to attend college or get a good job.

We offer congratulations to our graduates:

Charlette Kane
Connor McGeshick
Emily McGeshick
Karalynn Quade
Alexander VanZile

5th Grade:
Hailey Amundson
Addison Crum
Gavin Douyette
Presten Garrow
Tyrone Lakehouse
Burton Polar, Jr.
Annika Tuchalski

8th Grade:
Gabrielle Ackley
Madison Ackley
Vincent Amundson
Hannah Kane
A Shen Ni McGeshick
Rilee McGeshick
Mariah Najera
Andrew Panick
Troy Soldier, Jr.
Nolan Thorbahn
Keegan VanZile

High School:
Nathan Carter
Devon Evans
Kobe Gallion
Logan Hoenig
Craig (Michael) Justice
Breanna McGeshick
Chelsea Kane
Walter Panick IV
Alexis Quade

Students and Parents – Keep in mind that although we are in the midst of a beautiful summer, keep reading!

Chi Miigwech to Sandra for the good words, to Randy Fisher for the excellent service, to Sonya for the beautiful table settings, and to Walter for those truthful thoughts; you did a great job. Miigwech to Rachel Vodar, Sokaogon Home/School Coordinator, for her emcee skills for the remainder of the banquet.

Congratulations to all of our graduates on their accomplishments! We wish you all the best!